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Corporate information
Unique ID, registration number or code assinged to the corporation by a local authority.
Country code + area code + number.
Registered address of the corporation
Please name all of the directors of your company.
Beneficial owners
Please add all owners with ownership of 20% or more. If there are no such owners, you can add the owner(s) with the largest percentage of ownership.
Authorized person's information
Authorized person is fully authorized to act on behalf of the company concerning the usage of FinFX's services.
Country code + area code + number.
Politically exposed person (PEP) is a private entity, who: a) in any other EU-country or a country of the Third World occupies any of the following positions: Country President, Minister President, Minister, Deputy Minister or Deputy Vice Minister, Secretary of State, Member of Parliament, Supreme Court Judge, Constitutional Court Judge, Council or Board member of a supreme auditing organisation, Council or Board member of Central Bank, Ambassador, charge d’affaires, highest ranking military officer, Council or Board member of a government-owned enterprise, as well as all entities, who have recently (within one year) resigned from the aforementioned positions; b) is a parent, spouse or an equated entity, a child, its spouse or an equated entity, mentioned in clause a) of this definition; an entity equated to PEP’s spouse is only the entity, whose status and rights are defined by a particular country’s Law; c) is known as having business relationships with any of PEPs mentioned in clause a) of this definition, or which owns a capital of a commercial enterprise in partnership with PEP, as well as a private entity, which is the only owner of a corporate entity known to be established in a benefit of PEP.
Funding information
Please provide your IBAN if your bank is located in the SEPA area.

Some Banks and Financial Institutions may provide you with "For Further Credit" instructions if the bank wire must be sent through an intermediate account before the wire can reach the final beneficiary account.

If your Bank or Financial institution requires the bank wire to be managed as “For Further Credit” payment please provide the FFC instructions via email to

Financial background
Trading account information
NOTE: If the deposit amounts equal or exceed 10 000 USD/EUR/CHF in total, please complete the Origin of Assets form in your personal Back Office.
Trading experience
futures, options, warrants, etc.
Business information
Business information
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